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CT scanner captures entire woolly mammoth tusk for the first time

Still Waters

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For the first time, researchers successfully captured CT images of an entire wooly mammoth tusk, according to a new "Images in Radiology" article published in the journal Radiology. Researchers were able to do a full scan of the tusk in its entirety—or in toto—using a newer clinical CT scanner. The new technology allows for large-scale imaging without having to do multiple partial scans.

The tusk that the researchers examined was found in central Switzerland and excavated by the heritage and archaeology office of Canton Zug. The tusk is a total of 206 centimeters (cm) in length—nearly 7 feet. It has a basal (measurement at the base) diameter of 16 cm—just over 6 inches. The total object diameter—taking into account its helical, or spiral, curvature—is 80 cm, or just over 2.5 feet.


CT-based Age Estimation of a Mammoth Tusk


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