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Caught Between Area 51 and a Gaslighting Billionaire

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

The term gaslighting means to manipulate someone by psychological means so they question their own sanity. Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse for the purpose of control.  Not just the individual but also the masses can be gaslit into believing that which is blatantly red, is white, or what is down is up, or what is plainly observed - never happened. This is not a possible Orwellian dystopian future – it is happening now.

We live in a world of “alternative” facts, where truth itself has become subjective, forcing us to constantly ask ourselves - is this real or does someone want us to believe it is real? Between foreign adversaries pushing disinformation on social media or domestic politicians manufacturing culture wars, or the entertainment media constantly feeding us fiction as fact; we find ourselves in the fight of our lives – not a physical brawl – but an all-out information warfare throw-down.



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So basically - someone wanted to make Skinwalker Ranch more of a thing, and so had to ‘take out of play’ the one guy in the narrative who was going “yeah, nah. I saw none of that” and tried to do so via psy-op?

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