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Change of heart and of ways having religious experience


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I've changed my stance from agnostic to believer in God.

It probably costed me my life to do so, but in the end, it's what it is.

I'm likely  terminally ill and it costed me this to realize that I'm wrong. And if I offended anyone here, please forgive me and I will not try to do so again.

I have never been a good person, my entire life since I was old enough to know to do evil, I sought out ways to do it. In the end, I was a fool. 

I will try to follow up on this, as I want to try to make up for all my poor treatment of others and seek forgiveness and even restitution for all of it. If I am able to follow up.

Don't judge other people, do unto them as you would have them do onto you, and do not mock God. You will be rewarded for it, please start down the right path now.




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