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Who is the Sandman of Mythology and Folklore?


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The Sandman is a moniker that’s fairly popular in pop culture. There’s a Sandman in Marvel, one of Spider-Man’s sinister foes. There are many Sandman references in music, from The Chordettes’ ’50s classic “Mr. Sandman” to Metallica’s well-known hit “Enter Sandman.” The Sandman has also appeared in many other songs, as well as TV shows, movies, and, yes, comics. And now, Netflix is bringing to life one of the most famous of all the Sandman. Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman is coming to the platform as a live-action series. But where did all these tales of sandy men begin? Well, the concept of the Sandman found its start in European mythology. Let’s meet the Sandman of folklore.



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If you're an American baseball fan, you would likely know the Sandman as being pitcher Mariano Rivera, who is widely regarded as the best closer in the history.


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Posted (edited)
15 hours ago, rashore said:

The story of the Sandman exists to explain why you have gritty gunk in your eyes in the morning.  People mythologize the dumbest stuff.  It's a wonder the Sandman doesn't have a brother called the Phlegman.  You gotta love that folklore.

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