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‘It’s a human rights issue’: young adults take Portugal climate crisis to court

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

Cláudia Agostinho has been going to Pedrogao beach since she was a child. Back then it was a stretch of silver white sand sandwiched between pine trees and sea.

Today Pedrogão beach, in central Portugal, is an apocalyptic reminder of the carnage and violence that can be brought by global heating. This summer, as temperature warnings were again issued in the Leiria region – where the beach is situated – and several active wildfires raged, the charred remains of the deadliest fire in Portugal’s history were still evident.

As heat and drought plays out once more in her region and across the country, Agostinho, her siblings and her cousins are preparing to see a tenacious fight take centre stage at the European court of human rights. After nearly five years, their case against 32 European countries – arguing their climate policies are inadequate – will be heard in front of 17 judges in the autumn.


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What nonsense. We are at the height of an interglacial and coming out of the cold spell of the Little Ice Age. Sure it may be warming up, but compared to the warming up Earth has a;ready had during the past millennia it is insignificant and we may expect that it will not go up by much before it cools down again.


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