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Norns as in cause and effect.


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Some thoughts about Norns in Mythology. The Norns are traditionally understood as representatives of the past, present and future. Urd, Verdandi and Skuld. And I can understand this, since they control people's destinies.

But I have a theory that indicates that this is a bit too simple a representation. I think that Skuld, which means guilt, debt and cause, is the cause of what is happening in the present. So that Debt is the cause of Verdande. Just like in cause and effect.

Where then does Urd (origin, destiny) come into the picture? Simply put, I think the humans could also turn to Urd. Urd represents wisdom, as wisdom is always female in the myths. Urd is also called Frigg who knows everything but is silent. When people turned to Urd, wisdom became the cause of what is happening now. So that Urd became the cause of Verdande.

I don't know if this was presented comprehensibly, but I hope so. Just some thoughts from me.

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