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For 110 years, climate change has been in the news. Are we finally ready to listen?

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

On August 14 1912, a small New Zealand newspaper published a short article announcing global coal usage was affecting our planet’s temperature.

This piece from 110 years ago is now famous, shared across the internet this time every year as one of the first pieces of climate science in the media (even though it was actually a reprint of a piece published in a New South Wales mining journal a month earlier).

So how did it come about? And why has it taken so long for the warnings in the article to be heard – and acted on?


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Posted (edited)

Are we finally ready to listen?.....  A huge contributor to Co2 is server farms.  Are people and industry ready to give up the cloud and the web? Are people ready to have shipping slowed down and use cargo transports with sails?  Is big industry ready to lose a lot of money?  No.  the only ones who are really ready to listen are governments which believe somehow that raising taxes is the answer :lol:.  In the 70's an ice age was coming and we had ten years to live so they raised taxes.  In the 80's acid rain would kill all the crops in ten years and we'd all be dead so they raised taxes.  In the 90's the ozone was going to be gone in ten years and we would all die from the suns radiation so they raised taxes.  In the 00's the poles would be completely ice free in ten years and the American Midwest would become an inland sea and the coasts of every continent would be underwater so they raised taxes.  Now we have about ten years before "climate change" will kill almost all of us and our society and the answer is "raise taxes".  

I'm not saying anthropomorphic climate change isn't real, I'm saying it's not as drastic as chicken little is crying out and that taxes is not a real answer.

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