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Scientists relieved to discover 'curious' creature with no anus is not earliest human ancestor

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

An international team of researchers have discovered that a mysterious microscopic creature from which humans were thought to descend is part of a different family tree.

Resembling an angry Minion, the Saccorhytus is a spikey, wrinkly sack, with a large mouth surrounded by spines and holes that were interpreted as pores for gills—a primitive feature of the deuterostome group, from which our own deep ancestors emerged.

However, extensive analysis of 500 million year old fossils from China has shown that the holes around the mouth are bases of spines that broke away during the preservation of the fossils, finally revealing the evolutionary affinity of the microfossil Saccorhytus.


The findings, published today in Nature, make important amendments to the early phylogenetic tree and the understanding of how life developed.


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Is that creature really so unusual for a micro animal, I mean a lot of them are very weird. 

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Science today,what's in now is not tomorrow.
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