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Bizarre medieval cures for everyday ailments


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Gout, so often thought of as the preserve of gluttonous aristocrats of old, is a notoriously painful condition. Perhaps it’s no surprise then that medieval patients were willing to resort to stuffed puppies and powdered owls in hope of a cure.

Rendered fat from a roasted puppy stuffed with snails and sage and baked owl ground to a powder and mixed with boar’s grease are just two treatments detailed by a University of Cambridge project to digitise thousands of medical manuscripts from the Middle Ages.

The two-year project will see over 8,000 handwritten medieval recipes from documents from across Cambridge's colleges and library and the Fitzwilliam Museum collections digitised and placed online for the first time.


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And all they needed was just apples , vitamin C.

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The Tower of Power was once used for curing Pedarastry:


Later on, the Hell's Bell was used in earlier phases of psychiatry:


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