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Farm pesticides and medicines are wiping out life in UK rivers


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Agricultural pesticides and pharmaceutical chemicals are increasingly polluting England’s rivers, wiping out wildlife, an expert report reveals.

Conservationists say rivers are showing greater signs than ever of “chemical stress” and, as a result, are home to fewer riverfly species that are a key sign of healthy ecosystems.

They believe this summer’s drought, which brought low water levels, will have made chemicals more concentrated and exacerbated the damage they cause.

The report, Chemical Pollution: The Silent Killer of UK Rivers, based on a survey of 12 English rivers, reveals a drop in the diversity of riverfly species – mayflies, stoneflies and caddisflies – that indicate the state of waterways.


The Silent Killer of UK Rivers

PDF report: https://wildfish.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/Chemical-Pollution-The-Silent-Killer-of-UK-Rivers-2022.pdf

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Sewage is causing damage to our wildlife too:

MPs are facing a backlash after voting against amending a bill to stop water companies dumping raw sewage into Britain's rivers and seas.  

Just 22 Conservatives rebelled against the Government last week by voting for an amendment to the Environment Bill which sought to place a legal duty on water companies not to pump sewage into rivers. 

Sewage pollution is a key component of what MPs have heard is a chemical cocktail of pollutants going into rivers, with raw sewage being discharged into waters more than 400,000 times last year.

Fury as Tory MPs vote to allow water companies to dump raw sewage into Britain's rivers and seas  | Daily Mail Online

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