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‘Kill the Boers’ song is not hate speech, rules South African court

el midgetron

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The Equality Division of the Supreme Court in South Africa has ruled that the song “Kill the Boers” was not a case of “hate speech.” The hateful song, which celebrates the killing of Dutch settlers in South Africa, is protected by freedom of expression and must be left to the political debate within society, according to the court. 

The song says, among other things, “The cowards are afraid. Shoot the Boers, shoot, shoot.” The case was brought before the court by the organization AfriForum, an advocacy group for the minority White population living in the country, reported the South African news portal IOL.



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It's a tricky one. I was trying to imagine how another country would respond to something similar. When all is said and done, it's part of Africa's history and therefore shouldn't be banned IMHO.

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