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Man suffers 20,000 bee stings in horror attack


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7 minutes ago, jethrofloyd said:

And, did he survive the attack?

The story said he did.


My brother in law just lost two dogs from a bee attack.   They were africanized bees that swarmed in a tree.  The farm guys who work for him are used to the swarms in the spring, they cut the limb from the tree they are swarmed in put them in a bee box and leave them alone until the next day when they then check the hive and move it to the area of the other hives.  No problems until this year.  The bees went in the box but in the morning when they opened it the swarm attacked them, they ran and as they ran past the dog pen the dogs barked and jumped up and down.  Most of the bees attacked the two bull dogs who couldn't run.   The other dogs had a few stings and the men had a few stings but the bulldogs died from too many bees.   It seems these africanized bees are now all over the united states and you can't expect a hive to act as expected because they don't look enough different from honey bees to know what you are getting when they swarm.

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That's what I call a buzzkill.

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