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The Parallel Polis as an answer to disfunction.


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I came across this philosophy recently and have been doing a bit of reading.  I find it to be a fascinating response by the masses to a government that has become repressive.  I think most citizens around the world are experiencing some level of this kind of heavy handedness and are searching for a means to peacefully make changes to a system that rejects ANY CHANGE that loosens their grip on the population.

I'm not expert on this movement but it seems to me to be the most valid response to a government that is overbearing and unresponsive to the wishes of the population.  The basic idea is to simply detach local governments or state governments from the central government and to build parallel structures within communities such that citizens there are voting for and working with leaders who understand their wishes and their visions for the future.  It requires an organic movement of people who willingly become part of the common solution to local problems, especially when those problems exist BECAUSE of the actions of a distant, central government like DC or Brussels.

So, I'm just curious about how the rest of you see this issue and whether you think this trend is sustainable or if it's somehow a negative.  IF you believe that it IS bad for a country's citizens even though they're seeking change, please explain how you feel the system is negatively impacting the lives of Europeans or Americans.

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Is the beginning of this community action as espoused by community activists and organizers?  For example, there are local groups that organize and aid their community in times of disaster.  They get there first and often stay the longest after outside help departs.  The article seems to go way beyond that with art science technology and foreign policy.

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On 9/7/2022 at 10:03 PM, and-then said:

government that is overbearing and unresponsive to the wishes of the population.

Who gets to decide when a government is overbearing and unresponsive?

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