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In what religion do I fit?


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12 hours ago, lightly said:

   Glad All is well ..  ma used to say.. count your blessings.  or..  count your lucky stars.    You have a beautiful ‘forgiving’ wife, and a beautiful home (you posted a pic of your beautiful pathway)!  and beautiful weather!* usually?     and enough Peace to give us a little as you say goodnight :) ..As for Women being strange creatures.. (& I agree;) I wonder what they think of us!? :P     I guess we’d have to walk a mile in their shoes.  ?  ;

We were drunk, that argument doesn’t even count.  I bet a dime she doesn’t even remember it.  That’s what happens when people drink too much.  They fight over stupid stuff. Like the meaning of the words love or hate.  Does anyone even know what love is?  Is love Saint Jude’s childrens hospital?  What is hate?  The wishing someone would die, or an expression of displeasure, like “I hate being stuck in this kind of ridiculous traffic!”  

I rarely say hate, and when I do say it, I don’t usually say it in a way that intends harm on another person.  In fact, I can’t even remember the last time I ever used it that way.  But, I have used it a thousand times to express my displeasure about something, like waiting in line in the DMV.  It’s an extreme word with extreme variations in meaning, and people use it to mean different things at different times.  I’m just saying.

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