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That one time a ghost doubted my work


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Years ago I was deep in mechanic work and did a few engine swaps and my 2 tools for remembering things on the go were my camera and voice recorder which were both on my phone.

Using the voice recorder I recorded lists of parts I needed from the wrecking yard and this one day I was doing just that and when I was at the wrecking yard listening to the playback I heard this extremely clear "mmHmm" like someone's doubting what you're saying. I ignored it at first thinking it was something else.

When I returned to the shop and replayed it and the more I thought about it the more curious I became and tried to figure out what caused the sound. I never figured out where it came from but it sound like it was closer to the phone than I was at the time of recording.

A old boss and a couple friends at the time that heard it was poking fun at me saying "even the ghosts doubt your work" lol.

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Pretty cool,

The idea of recording a ghosts voice talking imnsho is just so darn flawed, if a ghost existed and could be recorded there is zero reason it would stop at one word or noise.

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