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Did Saturn kill one of its own moons ? The evidence is in its rings


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I haven´t read the article, but the tilt explanation in my opinion is nonsense. And if the ring explanation is tied to the tilt explanation, the ring explanation may be nonsense as well.

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Let me posit another ring explanation, merely as an hypothesis:

The rings are the result of asteroid spray.

We have a heavy planet with a dense atmosphere.  It is continually bombarded by asteroids and comets. Most of them are swallowed by the planet. Some of them hit the atmosphere tangentially, though, and a lot of their mass bounces as a spray of particles off the planet's atmosphere, and end up forming the rings and some of their shepherd satellites.


In the case of Jupiter because of its high mass there is far less spray and consequently Jupiter's rings are far less substantial.

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It would be appropriate, as Saturn ate his children!

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