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The Saratoga Ghost Road


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There was even a story written up in National Geographic about this Ghost Road. You can read about it here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Light_of_Saratoga

When I was young we made regular trips to see the light. It was a great place to go on a driving date with several people. There just wasn't a lot to do when you were in the age gap between 16 and 18 and then 21. Even my little Church youth group made a trip there in a truck with a lot of hay in the back to check out the light. It was great for a little harmless snuggling and kissing.

As I got older I started being driven by my insatiable curiosity to go into and try and figure out the "haunted houses" and other haunted places. I would go there alone late at night to those places and just sit and watch things. Most of the time nothing happened. When it did the cause was usually not in any way of a ghostly nature. There were a few that I have no explanation for. Even in those cases though I never felt threatened or in any kind of danger.

The Saratoga light was a mystery to me. It was real and I saw it several times. Finally my curiosity got the better of me so I got a couple of friends and went to figure out what it was.

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Yeah, I remember the photo of the light in National Geographic years ago. There is a similar light near Searcy ,Arkansas and several other places. What it could be don't know. Out in West Texas are the Marfa Lights.They even have a place where you can pull off the highway to watch  the lights, put there by the State of Texas. There are various theories about what these lights are. St.Elmo's Fire, ball lighting  etc. Someday we may figure it out, but it's cool you got to see it.

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What i never really understood is why people jumped to paranormal explanations just because the actual explanation isnt known to them.

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This thread reminds me of the Marfa Lights in Texas.   I took the kids and my mom's friend to see them once.   The rational explanation is that it is some atmospheric phenomena similar to the aurora borealis, but people like to think it is swamp gas (yeah, in the desert  :lol:) or aliens (could be, but not from outerspace).    It attracts a lot of tourist to a dying town.  The last boom that town had was when the movie Giant was filmed way back in 1956.   The county even painted lines in the parking lot to tell you which way to face your car so you could see the lights.  

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