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Mysterious 'blue goo' at the bottom of the sea stumps scientists

Still Waters

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Unidentified deep-sea "blue goo" creatures recently left scientists scratching their heads after they spotted the mysterious blobs hanging out on the seafloor in the Caribbean. During a live stream of the expedition, team members discussed what the gloopy globules could be, but none of the researchers could come up with a definitive answer. 

Multiple blue goo creatures were sighted Aug. 30 by scientists controlling a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) near the seafloor surrounding St. Croix, one of the U.S. Virgin Islands. The mysterious blobs were discovered sitting motionless on the seafloor between 1,335 and 2,005 feet (407 and 611 meters) beneath the water's surface.

If experts are unable to identify the species then "the mystery will remain until a sample can be collected," the scientists said.


Unknown Blue Organism - Live Stream


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It looks like a sort of sea sponge, from the looks of it. Cant be sure, but all of the ones I had contact with are similar in texture and appearance.

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