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Ringed Neptune captured by James Webb telescope

Still Waters

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The recently launched super space telescope James Webb has returned spectacular new imagery of Neptune.

The observatory's infrared instruments highlight features not seen in such detail since the Voyager 2 probe flew past the planet in 1989.

These include the rings and dust bands that encircle the ice giant.

Scientists are also intrigued by the different cloud structures, which should tell them something novel about the workings of Neptune's atmosphere.

Beyond the planet itself are seven of the giant's 14 moons, the most significant of which is Triton.

It appears star-like in the Webb imagery.


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Is this a raw photo or it is modified?

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When they talk about relative sizes to the Earth I do wish they would add a graphic with the Earth overlaid so we could get a better idea.

Stunning pic though.
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5 hours ago, qxcontinuum said:

Is this a raw photo or it is modified?

It is an infrared image. Humans cannot see in the infrared. So, yes, it has been translated into something that we can discern.

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