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I used to spend time here

Roy Perry

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Hi friends

Please share this Betty and Page
What I am going to tell the Courts Friday? On the 1st June the Courts took advance of me, on that I had sleep for six days. All wanted to is die, I did known what charge on me that day.
I said the “might” the police added to the word to say I needed to go to Commiucare but on my phone was Commiucare my Case Worker Kelli. This Court fallen itself, but I hope not, but it could happen. The police should have use Kelli to talk to me, if he believe I needed to go there, but believe he did a peaceful way out of it, because he wanted to hurt me.
Plus I did have enough sleep I also had on mind, but kill once I got free, I had cut myself in jail above my vines. Second my so call lawyer did tell what I was charge with, explain my other possible ways I could go. I was only shape to think good after I had two hours sleep and I talk with Kelli the next day.
The police never read my rights unless they done where I could not hear it. And was not read in jail on June the 1st or in court that day while I noice you read on by last court date. This all begin the Law officer would not write ticket the people that needed them. 
The woman was mad at me because got eviction put on her because I share picture I took her car. Pinecrest eviction of her when I share the picture with them, she is Retaliation on me, which is against the law. I am a Whistleblower on many people not just her, but many people of Pinecrest.
On the internet “Misuse of disability and handicap parking spaces are against Kentucky law, if abused you could be subject of a fine of between $20 and $100 for each offense. Under no circumstances may a vehicle block handicap spaces. You can report handicap and disability parking abuse by immediately contacting local authorities and property owners.”
Others part the internet “facilities, referred to as public accommodations, must be made accessible (e.g. a wheelchair ramp) to people with disabilities. Public accommodations that fall under the ADA include: ... Kentucky Relay Service will permit persons who are deaf to call businesses and public facilities. The service (1-800-648-6056 ,TDD, or 1-800-648-6057, voice …”
Does not police know the Law I know some do because when the person that parked over the line the police officer made her move her car, while that something  I would never do. She was handicap herself, but the have reason to park they be fine, but seem not to care.
Let tell why I am like I am it all begin when I was in 1st grade of school, I show my self, I was bold back then. What you think the teacher made me do, I was made to sat her lap. On every break when children went to break, I had to sat on her lap. I never told my mother and father, because was told obey the teacher.  
All the while my class mates made fun of me, the person that try to help was speech teacher I would most the time crying. In 1st grade my eye roll back my head my mother had use her hand so I would not eat my tongue. By uncle Fred came with wife to take me to hospital I still remember what was TV that night “I Dream of Jeannie,” but I did not feel watching it.
I used to hide the world under things in the house, I could talk about it for many years had past by. I also heard voices they were some one to talk to, which was a good thing. I seem things it was like watching color TV, which a big help.
So do your best me want to die but let asked you, have I not saw enough, when will it end.
Thank you Roy 
I am thinking about my life I want to be Central Hosiopal because just can do it any more I just want to end it
on the 27 of Sept
thanks Roy 
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I'm sorry to hear about what you are going through, but unfortunately I'm not sure that anyone here is going to be able to help.

Do you have an attorney or someone like that you can talk to ?

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Hi Saru 

Commuicare has a lot people there I go about twice a week

thank Roy Perry


WE ARE HERE TO HELPCommunicare is one of fourteen community Kentucky mental health centers providing behavioral health, developmental disabilities and substance abuse services in the Lincoln Trail ADD District.  This district includes the counties of Breckinridge, Grayson, Hardin, LaRue, Marion, Meade, Nelson and Washington.

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Dear Opus Magnus

it has only small time but I will say I did not thing thing wrong I did nothing

They told if say I did it no Jail time but I do not would to lie

It made me not want to live while all the Commuicare which the place for mental hearth they are for me

because Kelli is my case manger 

I go for twice a week

Mark is my lawyer 

Thanks Roy



Edited by Roy Perry
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In Matthew 5:25 Jesus says to agree quickly with your adversaries while they are in front of you or the officers will put you into jail and you will not get out until you have paid the very last penny.

That's the advice I would give to you, just agree with what they tell you even if you don't actually mean it. 


25 Agree with thine adversary quickly, whiles thou art in the way with him; lest at any time the adversary deliver thee to the judge, and the judge deliver thee to the officer, and thou be cast into prison.

26 Verily I say unto thee, Thou shalt by no means come out thence, till thou hast paid the uttermost farthing.


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I don't know exactly what you did. It sounds like you said you slept through your doctor appointment, so they called the police on you and told you to go.

It sounds like you're already in trouble. You might just have to give them all the pennies to get out.

Edited by Opus Magnus
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Best wishes and I'll keep you in my prayers, Roy.  

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Dear friends
I see Brian at 10 AM and maybe Kelli too 
I am about to give up everything it a wast of time for to on fool myself but will get first so I can pay Mike Miller for the Loan
You see let me the money to pay for an Lawyer when I pay my sister before I went into the Crises Unit of Commiucare that I needed 
While they did not think I needed the Crises Unit but people can mis-judge
You when I live at PineCrest a woman made a charge on me because she got in trouble at Pinecrest for parking on the Sidewalk and had to move because of it
She was mad me because I took the picture that PineCrest used against her
The Elizabethtown Police found that complaint when I call on another that talk hateful to me because other people had done the same thing parking on the Sidewalk 
We have two people that park on the sidewalk there but a lot more people pictures
You say why did I take their picture Elizabethtown Police did not care but Pinecrest office care al lot 
You they were parking the Sidewalk there but Blocking all three Handicap Ramp one in a while which meant I could go no where because I can not walk far
At time the TACK bus had to find to get them to move unless they were watching
This happen about two times and were about times I could no go anywhere
It been happen for a few years while I am move now
You see it one thing after another I am tired of fighting for nothing I sure not always have to fight or give in
Last week the Hospital got me upset because I could be in a small when I am upset So I walk out of the hospital and went home before everything was over
You see the week before the day I visit the Crises Unit I almost walk out then because the man Nurse had told he would Elizabethtown police 
I was lucky the Crises Unit person came in time and she trust me to go on my own
What it means I can not go to hospital anymore because they do not care about my needs
I am sure the Lawyer will get this trow out but you tell me sure I fight over and over
My fight begin when I was 6 years old
The teacher done something that was Sex clime 
My class mates made fun of my speech laughing at me
I would hid under things at home
I had a temp of 106 degree and my eyes rowed back in my head I wake up in the hospital
The voices help me gave a friend to talk to
The visions were like watching a color TV before it came into this world
If I counted right that seven things at once 
Now there one thing after another I give up
I have been not taking my pills for a month and no one the wiser 
So I will die soon because blood pressure used to run 270\240
So I will die without doing nothing if doctor do not see it they never will until it too late
That is a good thing I will die without doing anything 
And there Law that reads you have to take pills 
So be it
Thank You
I am not written this to hurt people so they will blame themself       
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Dear Opus Magnus

the claim I was harassing her

By calling the police on her every time she was park on the Handicap Ramp

i need the Ramp free from care something all three a car was park on them

I used a power wheel chair now

to go everywhere 

I afraid to drive anymore it not safe anymore

sorry I did not see you ask a question

I also fight then some

I had done a thing since 1989

They were mad because I wanted them to help cars on the Ramps I took pictures  

thanks Roy

Edited by Roy Perry
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