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TikTok could face £27m UK fine for endangering children


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The social media giant has become the first tech company to be issued with a formal notice of intent by John Edwards, the Information Commissioner, for alleged breaches of the children’s code.

TikTok has been accused of allowing children aged under 13 onto its site without "appropriate" parental consent.

It is also alleged to have failed to provide proper information to its users in a concise, transparent and easily understood way, and to have processed "special category data" on ethnic, racial, religious, political or sexual orientation "without legal grounds to do so".

UK Telegraph via MSN

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I wonder how TikTok is supposed to verify peoples age?  I had to click a "I am over 21" to access the website of a brewery but I didn't have to provide any proof.  Shouldn't it be the parents responsibility to decide if it's okay for their children to have access to the scum hole that is social media?  As far as the processing of special category data, what does that mean?  Does that mean they sold that inromation?

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It should be held accountable for allowing dangerous behavior. Look at some of the dangerous challenges it has allows people to put on there that ends up killing or injuring people for example:


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