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The UK's first ever UFO sighting


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Cromwell Mortimer, a well-known physician, was on his way home from work as he was walking through the streets of Westminster, Central London, in December 1742. It was then that he saw something totally strange seemingly floating in the sky.

The physician, who at the time was serving as the secretary of the Royal Society, quickly sketched out what he had seen. As published four years later in the Philosophical Transactions, Vol. XLIII, Mortimer said he saw the mysterious object flying over London’s famous St James’s Park.

He wrote: "As I was returning home from the Royal Society to Westminster, on Thursday, December 16, 1742, at 20:40, being about the middle of the parade in St James's Park. I saw a light arise from behind the trees and houses in the south by west point, which I took at first for a large skyrocket. But when it had risen to the height of about 20 degrees, it took a motion nearly parallel to the horizon, but waved in this manner, and went on to the N by E point over the houses."


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A sketch of 'UFO' he saw.

London UFO mystery: 279-year-old file found on 'first of its kind' sight  over Westminster | Science | News | Express.co.uk           Georgian-era UFO Westminster Sighting Found In 1746's Royal Society Journal  - Daily News Era


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It's a SpaceXploding rocket. :yes:

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