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Evidence of the use of baby carriers 10,000 years ago

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

It seems logical enough: even in their earliest history, humans must have needed something to carry their babies around in as they moved from place to place. But because little hard evidence of this exists—no infant-sling fabrics discernible in archeological digs, and very few prehistoric baby burials, besides—it's been anybody's guess that the practice actually took place.

Now, however, new research by a team of Université de Montréal scientists argues for evidence of the use of baby carriers about 10,000 years ago, throwing light on how children were cared for in prehistory and how they were linked socially to their community.





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Imagine losing a toddler out in the big bad world, I imagine it's to keep a child from wandering off as much as to keep a baby close to safety


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Baby carriers, cradleboards and such are ancient inventions, probably older than weaving, that were necessary for nomadic peoples. They are stilled used by Native Americans, Sami people of Scandinavia, in the Balkans in Europe and elsewhere, including their modern iterations.

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