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Bomb maker escapes Nevada state prison


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There must be camera footage.  

A bit scary that this thug is on the loose.   I hope they find him.  Not much info given yet.  


A convicted bomb maker serving life in prison for a deadly 2007 explosion outside a Las Vegas Strip resort has allegedly escaped from a Nevada state prison, officials said on Tuesday.

According to a news release, medium-security inmate Porfirio Duarte-Herrera, 42, was determined missing from Southern Desert Correctional Center outside Las Vegas, Nevada during the 7 a.m. head count.

Nevada Department of Corrections (NDOC) said that escape procedures were initiated approximately at 8 a.m., and search teams remain in effect.

Duarte-Herrera is an undocumented immigrant from Nicaragua who was sentenced to life in prison after a 2007 bombing in the parking garage of the Luxor Resort and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. The bombing killed 27-year-old Willebaldo Dorantes Antonio. 



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Yeah, how would this happen :rolleyes:

Someone will be in deep doodoo over it.

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They did get him back in custody.   Not much info on it, or how he escaped yet.

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