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New Zealand bans live animal exports from April 2023

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

New Zealand will ban live animal exports from next April, two years after storms sank a livestock ship, killing 41 crew members and 6,000 cattle.

The death of two New Zealanders among the crew of the Gulf Livestock 1, which sank in a September 2020 typhoon, helped galvanise the movement to ban exports of live sheep and cattle.

The animal welfare amendment bill was signed into law on Thursday, with the government saying it would protect New Zealand’s reputation as consumers become more ethically conscious. “It protects the reputation of not just our farmers now, but the farmers of the future,” the agriculture minister, Damien O’Connor, said.


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...New Zealand only exports animals for breeding, not slaughter...

:rolleyes:Yeah, Japan hunts whales only for research.


… as you’re joining us today from Germany, we have a small favour to ask...

A site of whom tracks its viewers asks for support. Right :angry:

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