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Australian council will fine homeowners $5,000 for having a smelly bin

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

Perth homeowners, be warned as your smelly bin could now get you fined $5,000.

A Perth council in the suburb of Victoria Park introduced the hefty fine to prevent residents’ green garden bins from attracting a potent stench, as per Daily Mail.

Victoria Park Mayor Karen Vernon told 6PR that the new regulations were in place to ensure people would discard their rubbish correctly.

However, following the announcement, many voiced their outrage on social media as one person wrote: “How good is garbage meant to smell? What do we do with the garbage that is too smelly for council to collect - leave it out on the kerb? Should council go back to collecting once a week so that our garbage is not sitting around getting smelly? Why do we pay higher rates for a council who collects our garbage less?”


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Green waste bins (to which she was referring) shouldn’t have anything in them that rot to the point of stinking anyway. 
red top bins are where rotten foodstuffs go.

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That's one tough HOA.:gun:

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