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San Francisco sued by homeless demanding affordable housing

el midgetron

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Sept 28 (Reuters) - San Francisco's homeless are suing the City by the Bay, demanding that it stop rounding them up like criminals and invest in affordable housing instead.

More than 57% of the city's homeless is unsheltered, according to advocacy group Coalition on Homelessness, which filed the lawsuit along with seven homeless individuals. San Francisco has failed to provide enough temporary shelters, the group said on Wednesday when announcing the action.

San Francisco has close to 8,000 homeless people, according to the city's website…..

…..The advocacy group accused San Francisco's Mayor London Breed, police and other authorities of acting "to criminalize homelessness through an array of brutal policing practices that violate the constitutional rights of unhoused San Franciscans."

The city's homeless sweeps are rooted in its history of racism in housing and policing, the group added……



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I guess it should come as no surprise considering how that government has bent over backwards to accommodate an ever-growing number of them.  Tax hikes, anyone?

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Build it, and they will come.

What to do? Build some more! 

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They should build a giant Mental Institution and then put up "Free Room and Board" signs, and let the homeless come in and be sheltered and served mental services. That's what the majority of the hard core homeless need. They don't need more cardboard, or tents, or even tiny homes with no rules...

If they're living in a pile of trash in a tenting a park, they'll ALSO be living in a pile of trash in a tiny home. Unless, their mental health is also addressed.

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