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Footage of cyclist's encounter with mountain goat "on steroids" goes viral

Still Waters

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If you were to make a list of the most terrifying wild animals you wouldn't want to encounter on a bike ride, a goat probably wouldn't be very high up the list... but if that goat happened to be a mountain goat, and a particularly massive one that has been compared to numerous American football players and a prime Arnold Schwarzenegger, it might make the site of a mere wolf or boar seem pretty tame in comparison. 


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I believe it's the Alpine Mountainn goat. And yes, they are big and strong creatures.

Mountain Goat | National Geographic


But, the thing is the Alpine Mountainn goats are actually not a goats. They are part of antelope family.



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The cyclist took off but heard the goat scream, I'll be baaaaaack!

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