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What makes people act like idiots in traffic?


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Instrumental aggression is a form of aggression where a person wants to gain advantages, to assert his own interests — even if this is at the expense of others.

Hostile aggression, on the other hand, has the aim of harming others. Luckily, the latter isn't as common, but the former all the more.

You feel disadvantaged, you feel short-changed or you think you have to be particularly fast and the others are in your way — all are signs of instrumental aggression.

It also plays a role that space is limited when it comes to traffic, which is then fought over.


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Guest chiron613

I'm guessing it's 'cuz they're idiots in real life...  But in real life you can mostly avoid people like that, or get away from them.  In traffic, you're more or less stuck with them.

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