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UK prepares for winter blackouts as energy rationing campaign discussed

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

Ministers are discussing launching a public information campaign to encourage households to reduce their energy use this winter as fears grow over winter blackouts.

Households could be asked to turn their thermostats down and use their dishwashers and washing machines during the night and at times when energy demand is lower, under plans being discussed between the business department, energy companies and the network operator National Grid.

It is understood officials have discussed using a service run by National Grid that is typically used to alert consumers by a text, phone call or email when their power goes out, to contact households about cutting power use. The system notifies consumers when it detects an outage and gives timing estimates and confirmation when the power will be restored. Under plans being discussed, consumers could be sent advice on their energy use through the service.


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Whilst I don't doubt the risk is more acute this year, it is worth noting that such warnings are issued almost every October (along with a turkey shortage and the "coldest winter on record")  ;)   

The other point, of course, is how does this warning square with the huge increase in fuel prices and no-one being able to afford to heat their homes this winter ..... :unsure2:

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