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French union refinery strikes.


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In Haute-Savoie in the south-east, French media reported that a man in his 30s was still being treated in hospital after being repeatedly stabbed by another driver who accused him of overtaking in a queue at a service station earlier this week. The man has been arrested and an investigation was under way.

The strikes have reduced France’s total refinery output by more than 60%, according to calculations by Reuters news agency.


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Shes autistic, she doesn`t know how she comes across to others.

Funny, but feels mean laughing. Just thank God she isn`t the Russian President at the moment lol.

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5 hours ago, acidhead said:

The bedwetter climate cultists are loving this 



The race for a green world was always a big experiment with economies and a test of theory verses reality. 

This was before covid and a war, supply problems with workers and goods, and the original green plan has barely, officially, changed.

This all might alter in 6 months ;)


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