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Just Stop Oil protesters throw chocolate cake at King Charles' Madame Tussauds waxwork

Still Waters

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2 hours ago, Susanc241 said:

Maybe no overt violence but glueing yourself to main roads and causing traffic jams that impede emergency vehicles (ambulances and fire trucks etc) has and is threatening lives.  People have been prevented from getting to work, to hospital appointments, cancer chemotherapy treatments and so on.

I do wonder how these people get to the places they protest at.  I doubt many of them walk or cycle.  I wonder how many aren’t wearing clothing with some oil derivative, or eat food that hasn’t been produced with oil or gas somewhere along the line.  I doubt their personal footprints are any smaller than the average Joe or Jane in this country.  It’s the hypocrisy that rankles. 

As @Acidhead pointed out these folks get up to other hijinks that are more disruptive, but I neve heard of them before, so their art projects brought them to wider attention.  Maybe they should stick to that.

I would certainly not like to be detained on a trip to a chemotherapy appointment either.  My sympathies lie with  those who were.

I don't generally like protests, however, I do have some sympathy for their POV, and since I was unaware of them, I don't know if they are hypocrites or not.    I may get irritated at their methods, but their message is worth thinking about.

When my doctor told me to cut down on salt, I don't get defensive and tell him how hard it would be to eliminate all salt from everyday foods or demand to know if he is pure.  When he did, I just thought OK, if causes hypertension, maybe I don't need to salt everything before I taste it, maybe I can cut down a little without ruining my life.  And maybe I will live a longer healthier life.

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Man, they could have just sent the cake to me instead of wasting a perfectly good cake on a painting

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

Two Just Stop Oil protesters must pay Madame Tussauds £3,500 in compensation after slapping vegan chocolate cakes in the face of a waxwork of the King.

Westminster Magistrates' Court heard they targeted the model "in the manner of a slapstick comedy" last October.

The activists smeared the cakes, which were topped with shaving foam, in the model's face during the incident.

Eilidh McFadden, 20, and Tom Johnson, 29, denied criminal damage but were convicted on Tuesday.


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Saw earlier today two stop oil protesters never showed up to court and flew to Indonesia instead on a jet. 

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Don't quite understand their target, Charles is on board with the whole woke green agenda nonsense.

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