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Israel must get rid of its nuclear weapons, UN majority decides


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13 hours ago, Earl.Of.Trumps said:

I would prefer to see the UN or League of Nations set the demands (or enforce them) to straighten out the mess, if possible

The Euro Jews would never agree to go back. It's do-or-die for one or the other. 

Depends. During the war in Bosnia many Jews fled, like everyone else. Many fled to Isreal and many stayed in Sarajevo to be with their bosniac neighbours during that dificult time. Since then many Jews came back to their country, Bosnia, to their only homeland. They are coming back to Sarajevo, their city.

Today, in relation to the percentage of the people who returned to their homeland, Jews make up the largest percentage, 45 percent of Jews returned to BiH, to Sarajevo.



Unfortunately, Israel is not supporting our bosnian jews. Israel is supporting the fascist serbs from whom Jews also fled to Sarajevo, Tuzla...for safety. Israel is supporting a discriminatory law that Jews cannot hold a government position. A law that is opposed by bosnian muslims and jews but supported by serbs, EU and Israel.



It is hard to fathom how the official policy of the State of Israel could be to welcome the discrimination of Jews in not being able to hold office in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” said Bosnian Foreign Minister Bisera Turkovic, according to Haaretz. “The proposed electoral legislation would cement the current discriminatory system towards minorities in Bosnia.”


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I wonder, if Iran (Shia) will go with pushing Jews to the sea, where palestinians (Sunni) will go? Heh, circus Shia vs Sunni could be fun to watch...

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