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Pilot Testimonies


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Source: Trust me, bro

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So, it's a thread spamming some dude's twitter? Wonderful. 

Yeah, because there really needed to be a thread rolling out items that have been covered in other threads.

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Thank you for presenting those pilot testimonies. Sooner of later, people will come to realize that alien visitation is a fact.


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On 11/2/2022 at 3:08 PM, Phantom309 said:

I thought it would be good to have a repository for pilot testimonies and recollections:



I would like to add additional testimonies. What Navy pilots experienced over the years regarding UFOs is old news because such encounters have been occurring for decades around the world.


by Commander Robert B. McLaughlin, USN

In its January issue TRUE said that the flying saucers are real and interplanetary. Its  story was widely supported by the nation's press and radio. TRUE's findings are here confirmed by Commander McLaughlin, a rocket expert at White Sands Proving Ground, who worked independently of this magazine's investigation. He reveals how a troup of Navy men and scientists tracked a flying disk with a precision instrument and tells of flights he and others witnessed.




The event that started this official recognition was a very seriously documented observation by the staff of an air traffic control tower at the Chacalluta International Airport in Arica, the northernmost city in Chile. On Monday, 31st March, 1997, at 12:55am, three UFOs were visually seen by the staff from the control tower and recorded on radar. They were tracked at speeds up to 8,000 mph according to the eyewitnesses, over the Pacific Ocean, near Morro de Arica. They remained there for two hours. At about 3.00am, the objects "flew away at very high speed," heading for the Andes.

The other top reason that explains Chile's recognition and openness about the UFO question is that General Ramon Vega, former Commander of FACh, the Chilean Air Force, has personally observed UFOs on two occasions while in the air.

Chile announces UFOs are for real

On 2nd April 1997, Chilean newspaper "La Cuarta" has the following headline: "UFO Sighting of Arica is Confirmed by La Direccion General de Aeronautic Civil." Chile did start to join the small number of countries who officially stated that the nature of UFOs is of intelligent driven flying machines.




About ten o'clock one morning, a radar site near a fighter base picked up a UFO doing 700 mph. The UFO then slowed to 100 mph, and two F-86's were scrambled to intercept. Eventually one F-86 closed on the UFO at about 3,000 feet altitude. The UFO began to accelerate away but the pilot still managed to get within 500 yards of the target for a short period of time. It was definitely saucer-shaped. As the pilot pushed the F-86 at top speed, the UFO began to pull away. When the range reached 1,000 yards, the pilot armed his guns and fired in an attempt to down the saucer. He failed, and the UFO pulled away rapidly, vanishing in the distance.




UFO Statement by Emile J. Schweicher,
Professor Emeritus at the Belgian Royal Military Academy

Professor Schweicher was interviewed in the German UFO documentary film, “UFOs 2000” (RTL) regarding the Brussels radar UFO incident that involved Belgian Air Force F-16 jet fighters and several radar stations on 30-31 (p.m. into a.m.) March 1990:
"... radar expert Professor Emile J. Schweicher says the following: “The UFO could make right angle turns at constant speeds. That is impossible according to our mechanical laws of motion. I don’t think it’s possible to explain away UFO incidents that involve multiple radar stations by saying that all the radars had the same malfunction at the same time. That’s highly unlikely! There exist different types of radar systems, different sorts of antennas. And the radar antennas orientation towards the UFO were all different. I’m going to get fired – but I’m of the opinion that it’s highly likely that extraterrestrial intelligence is behind the UFO phenomenon!”

Emile J. Schweicher, 

Professor Emeritus (Ret.)
Royal Military Academy, Belgium]



Maneuvered Motion and Intelligent Control

By Dewey Fournet, USAF (Ret.)

By the fall of 1952 we had a considerable number of well documented reports in which the UFO's made a series of maneuvers. If we could prove that these maneuvers were not random, but ordered, it would be proof that the UFO's were things that were intelligently controlled.
Edward J. Ruppelt, former Chief of the Air Force Project Blue Book investigation, later reported that the study was "very hot and very controversial...[it] was hot because it wasn't official and the reason it wasn't official was because it was so hot. It concluded that UFOs were interplanetary spaceships."

Many of these jet interception cases included a sort of "cat-and-mouse" behavior on the part of the UFOs, pulling away from the pursuing jets and then slowing down until they caught up again. This behavior has been repeated throughout the history of UFOs, and is one of the many indicators of intelligence behind the phenomenon. Case after case can be cited of UFOs apparently playing interactive games with (a) military aircraft.


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Here is a video recording captured on an F-16's radar scope after two aircraft were scrambled to intercept an UFO. Pay very close attention to the numbers regarding velocity changes of 150 knots to 1010 knots and back down to 990 knots  within seconds. Changes in velocity of the UFO can be seen on line 2 of 3 on the right side of the scope as the F-16 locked the UFO between timelines: 0:43 - 1:00.

The reaction of the UFO made it very clear beyond any doubt that intelligence was behind the maneuvers, which no aircraft on earth can duplicate. 



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Many people today are unaware that the U. S. Army attempted to shoot down a UFO in 1942 over the Los Angeles area also known as the "Battle of Los Angeles." The UFO was first detected on multiple radars as it approached the West Coast from over the ocean. It then headed southward and eventually reversed course and disappeared back over the ocean. Over 1400 rounds of anti-aircraft ammo failed to bring down the UFO. 


The Battle of Los Angeles UFO Video

Video Link:



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Commercial Pilot Captain Chris Voorhis, his experiences off the coast of California:


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additional info
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Kean asserts that pilots are the best describers of aerial phenomena. “They represent the world’s best-trained observers of everything that flies,” she writes. “What better source for data on UFOs is there?... [They] are among the least likely of any group of witnesses to fabricate or exaggerate reports of strange sightings.”

This may sound like a plausible assumption, but others who have studied the raw evidence disagree. Experienced UFO investigators realize that pilots, who instinctively and quite properly interpret visual phenomena in the most hazardous terms, are not dispassionate observers. For pilots, a split-second diagnosis can be a matter of life or death — and so they're inclined to overestimate the potential threats posed by what they see.

One of the world’s first genuine UFO investigators, Allen Hynek of Northwestern University, came to believe that some encounters really could have otherworldly causes. But he was much more skeptical about the reliability of pilot testimony. "Surprisingly, commercial and military pilots appear to make relatively poor witnesses," he wrote in "The Hynek UFO Report."




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