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Israel, US point to Iran after drone strikes Israeli-controlled tanker off Oman's coast

Grim Reaper 6

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Officials in Israel say Iran is responsible for a drone strike that hit an Israel-associated, Liberian-flagged oil tanker off the coast of Oman on Tuesday. Three maritime sources told Reuters that a drone was suspected to have attacked the tanker. An Israeli official said Iran was responsible for the attack by using a Shahed-136 drone, the type it has been supplying to Russia for use in its war against Ukraine. Iranian state news placed the blame on Israel for the attack, saying that the "Hebrew-Arab axis" is attempting to create a "charged atmosphere”

There is no justification for this attack, which is the latest in a pattern of such actions and broader destabilizing activities. This action further threatens freedom of navigation through this crucial waterway, international shipping and commerce, and the lives of those on the vessels involved."




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2 hours ago, Grim Reaper 6 said:

the "Hebrew-Arab axis" is attempting to create a "charged atmosphere”

I'll give Iran credit for this much... at least they're open about who they want to take down.  Obama decided to displace Israel as the regional hegemon, especially after Bibi humiliated him in front of Americans, but what the Tan Messiah didn't factor in was the fear of the Arab nations for an ascendent Iran with nukes. 

Persians and Arabs have almost always been distrustful, even disgusted with the other's very existence.  That's what animated the "ABRAHAM ACCORDS during the Trump administration.  That's the fun thing about hating someone or something without good reason... it can and often WILL redound to the harm of the hater.

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