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time travel

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sorry if this has be posted before


In Montana's far north, just below the USA-Canada border and wedged between the Bearpaw Mountains and the Rockies, lies the Milk River valley, festooned with tumbleweeds, wild raspberries and yellow-flowered wild mustard. Tourists passing through on Montana Highway 29 think of it as a desolate place, shuddering at the eerie howl of the coyotes at night.

Yet, to the Siksikawa-Pikuni indigenous people (also known as Blackfeet Indians--J.T.), the valley is a sacred place. Mainly because it's the site of Writing On Stone State Park, one of the true places of mystery in the USA's West.

Most pictographs in the USA can be read by indigenous peoples ranging from the Arapaho to the Zuni. And, with a little coaching, it's not too hard a skill to master. Your editor learned how to read a buffalo-skin from a Siksikawa-Pikuni tribal elder at the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Browning, Montana during the summer of 1989.

However, the weird hieroglyphics at Writing on Stone, north of Whitlash, Montana, are something else again. As William Big Spring pointed out, "No one knows for sure what the markings on the rocks mean. In 1850, people were trying to find out what these 'writings' represented. The Indians then said they had been done by the 'old' people but no one could say if they were prophecies or records of things that had already happened."

"We started up to Writing on Stone one Sunday afternoon, back in 1958," William Big Spring wrote, "It's right on the border of the United States and Canada, near the town of Aden (Alberta province, Canada) on Milk River."

"It was a really nice day, and we reached Writing on Stone just as it turned dusk--that time of day when it's not daylight and it's not dark. I got out of the car to go look at the writings on the rocks. As I went through, I was disappointed that so many of them were ruined. Most were painted over or damaged so you couldn't make them out."

"All of a sudden, when I got to the end of the rocks and looked down, I could see teepees set up on the flat. I saw children running around, and everybody was happy."

"It was as real as when you look at another person next to you."

Incredible as it may seem, William Big Spring had literally stepped into the past. By some unknown means, he had travelled back a century to 1858, or perhaps even earlier, to a time when European people were a rarity in northern Montana and the nomadic Siksikawa-Pikuni tribal life was in full flower.

"I got such a strange feeling. I slowly moved away. The nape of my neck felt so strange. I took a few more steps backward. Pretty soon I turned about. I didn't actually run back to the car, but I got there as quickly as I could."

"I don't know what they were, but I saw them. I told myself then and there I'd never return at that time of day (dusk) again."

"I never told anybody of this until two years later (1960) when I told my wife."

(See the book Sta-ai-tsi-nix-sin Ghost Stories, edited by Conrad La Fromboise, Blackfeet Heritage Program, Browning, Montana, 1979, pages 14 and 15.)

(Editor's Note: This "time warp" phenomenon is rare but not unknown in Forteana, the classic case being the two British women and their "Versailles adventure" in the summer of 1901.)

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There are other kinds of time-slip stories, one of which involves houses, eg:

One day a man and his wife was walking along a path on a hill, when she suddenly asked about the house that she had just noticed, he then looks at it and say that he has never seen it before in his life. The continue to walk on, the next time they are in the area, they again stp at the same spot, but the house is no longer there.

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This is a story I had put way back in my mind and filled under teenage's over active imaginations but I feel inspired to share it with you becuse it is similar to Al's story .

Way back when I was on a Highschool camp . My friend and I had snuck out to visit the boy's on the other side of the camp site . ( but that's a diferent story ) . The important part was that when I came back alone and early cause I'm a good girl . I walked smack bang into this little white house with a chimney and picket fence . I spent a while retracing my steps the next day and couldn't find anything even remotely like it . As I said though I was a teenager it was late and I was tierd . May be it was just my imagination .

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The story that always comes to mind when discussing this subject is that of the Manillan Palace Guard who in 1593 suddenly appeared in Mexico City.

Also just found this story about a Hong Kong man teleporting to Bay City, which may be of interest:

Da Link

Wouldn't it be cool to be able to harness this phenomenon?

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