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The HDR deception


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I'll make this short. You can research it yourself online.

My research about HDR screens, and the discovery of the standardized deception that the industry, from top to bottom, is utilizing.

What a screen needs to have true High Dynamic Range is the following:

10 bits of color depth (1bn or 1,070 million colors), compared to the normal/old technology that has 8 bits (16.77 million).

600-2,000+ nits (the range pixels can go from very dark to very bright). Old TV's typically have 100-400. A value of 1,000 nits is good HDR quality.

Most HDR TV's being sold are HDR capable or compatible, but not true HDR. But they never tell you this! Never!
They can mimic the advantages from HDR, without being it, with software tweaks. But if you compare it to the real thing, real time, you will see the difference, and you will miss out when you watch real HDR content (video games, movies, tv).

It's exhausting to check every screen for this, and many times it is not even being written in the specifications. Only the words "capable" or "compatible". If the product is true HDR, they will most likely brag about it by mentioning the color depth (10 bits) and the nits (600+).

Reason for the deception: Cost of production. It costs so much to produce true HDR that only a few customers can afford it (the cheapest small screens start around 1,000 USD), so they sell you an imitation, a dream, instead.

Just thought I'd share what I've learned.

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