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Scientists say eight glasses of water a day may be too much

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

New research has found that the recommended eight glasses of water a day may be too much.

Scientists from the University of Aberdeen discovered the recommended intake of two litres of water a day was often more than people needed.

Given around half of the daily intake of water comes from food, scientists estimate people only really need about 1.5 to 1.8 litres per day.



The latest findings were published in Science this week.


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No kidding?! :rolleyes:

edit to clarify: right from the start it seemed crazy to me that humans suddenly, out of nowhere, needed so much more water than they had previously consumed. People looked so silly clutching their water bottles everywhere they went . . . how on Earth had we survived up until then?! :hmm:

Plus, surely so much water would over-dilute gastric juices? Wouldn't the kidneys be over-worked?

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I think 1.8 litres of water a day might be less expensive than the saily 2.6 litres of hooch I’ve been drinking.

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As they drink sparling water from a magic waterfall that they sell at 4 dollars a bottle 

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