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Chinese couple punish child who watches too much TV by making him watch more TV

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

A Chinese couple recently sparked controversy online after punishing their child for watching too much television by making him stay up all night watching TV.

It’s a problem most modern parents – myself included – deal with at some point. Kids today love looking at screens, be they big or small, and unless you do something about it, they become little addicts. And it’s up to parents to either prevent that from happening or manage screen time to ensure they actually do something else. Anyway, this story is about a couple of parents who decided that more TV was actually the way to wean their son off watching TV. So they made him stay up all night watching whatever he wanted.


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That's the same as the stupid American parents who catch their kid smoking and make him or her smoke the whole pack without stopping.  

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Up all night watching whatever wants. As a kid, I would have taken that to good strapping, any day.

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The kid:

Roll Safe, the Guy-Tapping-Head Meme, Explained

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Maybe he might get tired of watching it at some point.

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