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Greg Abbott sends two buses of illegal immigrants to Philly - with some arriving in shorts in 40F

Grim Reaper 6

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Two buses full of migrants arrived in Philadelphia from Texas, with some immigrants wearing t-shirts and shorts in 40-degree weather. Texas Governor Greg Abbott, 65, has bussed more than 10,000 migrants out of his state through his Operation Lone Star project, which he says is to highlight the influx of illegal immigrants crossing the US border.  Abbott's latest string of buses arrived in Philadelphia on Friday between 6am and 8am, carrying 72 migrants, according to NBC Philadelphia. They were given blankets and coffee to keep warm and some of them were picked up by families. For many, however, the sanctuary city will not be their final destination. Buitrago said Abbott's actions - especially on Thanksgiving - were 'despicable,' but he won't let Texas' action keep him from 'welcoming' the new group to the city.  Abbott says he'll continue bussing migrants to various sanctuary cities until Biden tightens border security. 


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One man describes his trip with his wife and his 3 yr old son from Equador to the US.


"Philadelphia has made it a really solid intention to be a welcoming city. So, folks arriving, regardless of what they have had to deal with over the last two months, they are welcome here and there's folks waiting to support them," said Erika Guadalupe-Nunez, with Juntos.

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Iowa just had a John Deere line shut down and move to Mexico because of a lack of workers.  John Deere to move some production from Iowa to Mexico, after beating quarterly earnings estimates - World Socialist Web Site (wsws.org)

A few bus loads of migrants might have helped prevent that in our state that is losing population.  Oh well. 

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