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Ex-Russian spy flees to the NATO country that captured him


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Exclusive: Ex-Russian spy flees to the NATO country that captured him, delivering another embarrassing blow to Moscow

TALLINN, Estonia — “The Russians have no idea,” Alexander Toots, the head of Estonian counterintelligence, tells me, laughing.

“They have absolutely no idea he is here. You can be the one to tell them.”

Toots was referring to the defection of a Russian spy to Estonia. But Artem Zinchenko isn’t just any spy. He was the first agent of Russia’s military intelligence arrested by Estonia, in 2017, then traded back to Moscow a year later for an Estonian citizen in Russian custody. Zinchenko has now sought asylum from the very NATO country that unmasked and imprisoned him for spying against it.

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Rats leaving sinking ship...

When convicted spy returns to the country that convicted him, ain't good stuff happening in russkystan.

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