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The Pendulum keeps picking me

dream jo

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 a few times I've been by a pendulum in my local spiritualist shop the Pendulum has fell in my hand like I was meant to meet the bye and I didn't buy them twice I did evenl online I bought a share because I was drawn to them and I brought them online

 I've even got the swing light I have I think clockwise yes and anticlockwise more and I've got the same yes and no answers everything I've bought I've cut my arm straight which is my dominant arm and hand and my dominant hand which is my right hand because I'm right-handed and I use my left hand for the bottom part and I've got the yes and answers on every Christmas I've asked and I'm still convinced I'm doing it wrong but I'm not I'm not I just to be more patient for happened for waiting for it happened

but Steve done as a medium I know I will know it happen because I've been told by I've been told by spirit

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Didnt the wands choose the wizard in harry potter?

I tell you what if something kept falling off in my hand for no reason more than once i sure as heck would have gotten a video of that.

Oh, btw, i worked at such a shop.

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