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New South Wales Cancels Lockdown Fines After Court Win.

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Revenue NSW cancels more than 33,000 COVID-19 fines after Supreme Court hearing

The NSW government will withdraw more than 33,000 COVID-19 fines after a Supreme Court hearing today.


Earlier today, Justice Dina Yehia SC was set to hear arguments that two fines for between $1,000 and $3,000, did not meet the requirements of section 20 under the Fines Act.

Barrister Katherine Richardson SC said the plaintiffs had in effect been forced to take the "extraordinary step" of going to the Supreme Court after other unsuccessful attempts to have the fines reviewed.

"It's only at the eleventh hour the Crown has finally accepted these were invalid," she said.

Source here for further reading.  


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I should think so, too! :clap:

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The police didn't fill out the fines properly, don't get over excited anti vaxers and anti mandaters.

From the link:

The case centred on the technical basis the notices did not provide a sufficiently detailed description of the offence committed and were therefore invalid.


A much bigger case recently was the robo debt failed scheme. Much more money being refunded to the people. 

Awesome to live in a free country where the government admits to it's mistakes, and let's face it who hasn't made a mistake? And they act on mistakes and go to great lengths to ensure fairness is realised. All this consisted of was a typo. I'd say police are going to be seeing some retraining in that area. How to fill out a ticket properly 101.

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  • The title was changed to New South Wales excusing and refunding Covid fines because "they were never valid"

Yes, they were somewhat over zealous in that part of the world.

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