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An Artist's Collaboration with AI


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Artificial intelligence is proving to be a powerful and disruptive tool in the art world, capable of producing work that was once impossible.

This week on BBC Future, the artist Alexander Reben explained why he has embraced the creative possibilities of these tools:

In this gallery, explore the results of Reben's collaboration with AI. The text beneath each work was imagined and written by an AI (GPT-3). This formed the basis for a sculpture or painting in physical form – some of them Reben executed himself; others were generated by a second AI art tool, such as Dall-E 2 or Stable Diffusion, before being painted or sculpted by a human being.

In sum, what you see may have been curated by a person – but this art only exists thanks to a deep creative collaboration with AI.



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An Artist's Collaboration with AI



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