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A surprising amount of magma is under Yellowstone’s Caldera supervolcano

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

One of the magma reservoirs underneath the Yellowstone Caldera, a huge crater and supervolcano, holds more liquid molten rock than scientists previously estimated, suggests new research published Thursday in the journal Science.

The amount of melted rock beneath a volcano helps researchers determine how close it might be to erupting. But though there may be more liquid magma underneath Yellowstone than scientists had assumed, the behemoth is still unlikely to erupt anytime in the near future.

Magma consists of rocks and crystals at varying stages of solidity—the more melted, or liquid, the magma is, the more likely a volcano is to erupt. Two large reservoirs full of magma exist beneath the Yellowstone Caldera—one that’s about three to ten miles beneath the surface, and another that’s 12 to 30 miles below ground.



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When Yellowstone blows, it will affect the entire world. Just like Mt. Tambora in the 1800s where there was a year without a summer.

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