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Strikes in UK every day before Christmas - which sectors are affected and why

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

The UK is facing a wave of strikes this winter, with at least one walkout a day ahead of Christmas, as workers from different industries seek better pay.

From transport to the NHS, education to delivery drivers, tens of thousands of people from various industries are expected to take industrial action as recession grips the UK and the cost of living rises.

Sky News looks at the industries that are striking and why.


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This situation was avoidable.  Part of the cause came from the extended lockdown disruptions but the greater cause was abject surrender to the environmental radicals.  Add in NATO's choices and we get the perfect storm.  We are set for a deepening recession in mid-2023.  Inflation will likely taper but those prices won't go down and unless the economy strengthens, the level of pay won't even come close to covering the additional expense of simply driving and having groceries.  Over here, I expect the number of families needing government assistance (SNAP) for food will go through the roof.  I will never be convinced that all of this isn't a planned takedown.

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