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New populations of rare bees found in Cornwall

Still Waters

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New populations of two rare bee species have been found in Cornwall.

The large scabious mining bee, previously known in only four areas in the county, has been found at two new sites, one near The Towans, and one near Rock.

Also near the Towans, a new site has been found for the nationally scarce, solitary, red bartsia bee.

Insect expert Paddy Saunders, who found the bees, said he was "really blown away" by the discovery.

Mr Saunders, an entomologist, said: "The finds were unexpected as on one new site the large scabious mining bee was last recorded almost 40 years ago, and the red bartsia bee has not been recorded at all in Cornwall for almost 20 years."


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It's probably due to climate change. Once the climate has been changed back to ice age conditions, those bees will disappear as a matter of course.


In my opinion the best way to exterminate those bees is to erect a large parasol above Great Britain.

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