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Green light for controversial Cumbria coal mine


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Banning onshore wind, banning solar panels from farmland, licensing scores of oil and gas wells in the North Sea – none of it makes sense for the UK’s long term prosperity, experts have said, but the Conservative party wants to do it anyway.

This week, the government is at risk of announcing yet another backwards step as the howling winds of the energy and climate crises rise all around us, as it prepares to announce its planning decision on the controversial Cumbrian coal mine.

The mine, which would be the first deep coal mine in the UK for 30 years, has little bearing on the UK’s energy policy, as it will only produce coking coal for the steel industry largely outside Europe. In total, 83 per cent of the coal would be exported.

Green light for controversial Cumbria coal mine would be line with backwards Brexit Britain Tories have created | The Independent (archive.ph)

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Ever hear of the law of unintended consequences?  Your point concerning this particular mine may be valid but the political will to allow the mine may have not been possible if the world were not struggling with energy shortages that the Left have intentionally created.  Ram something down a man's throat, he tends to react rather vigorously.

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