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The self-proclaimed kingdom that doesn't recognise Germany

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

In the depths of the countryside in eastern Germany, there's an invisible border.

The turrets of an imposing castle loom out of the treetops. A sign on its front door solemnly informs the visitor that they've entered - in effect - a new country.

The "Königreich Deutschland" (Kingdom of Germany) is a self-proclaimed independent state - complete with its own self-appointed king.

Peter the First, as he prefers to be known, receives us in a rather gloomy wood-panelled hall.

It's about a decade since his coronation - there was a ceremony, complete with orb and sceptre - and the foundation of his so-called kingdom, which mints its own money, prints its own ID cards and has its own flag.


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It may seem ridiculous at first glance, but its only inherent difference from any other county, is size and population.

Conceptually and functionally, it's the exact same game that is played on the international scale.

They're countries because/when we agree that they are...  Currency carries value, because we all agree that it does and believe it does...

In many ways, we are all Kingdoms of One.


Interesting piece, thanks for sharing.


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There is controversy over another town in Germany. Some people claim Bielefeld doesn't exist, despite Dr. Oetker pizzas being made there (they are not very nice pizzas, imo).

It's a German city dating back to the 9th Century, with 340,000 residents, a university, a medieval fort... but does it really exist?

Bielefeld is now offering a €1m (£914,000) prize to anyone in Germany who can prove the city's non-existence.

The city marketing group running the competition wants to disprove a 25-year-old conspiracy theory.

City of Bielefeld offers €1m for proof it doesn't exist - BBC News

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