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The PPE Rich List: Covid firms unmasked


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Most people will have never heard of Full Support, a small family-owned business based in Wellingborough, a market town in Northamptonshire. Yet its owners, Sarah Stoute, 49, a former nurse, and her husband, Richard, 52, are the recipients of easily the single biggest PPE contract of the pandemic.The couple scrambled to order consignments of PPE after receiving a “tip-off” about a deadly virus in China in late 2019. Then, they waited.

Since then, the married couple have lived a life of luxury.

Recent purchases include: a £6.75 million home with 19,000 sq ft of space, 18 acres of landscaped gardens, lawns and two lakes; an equestrian centre to cater for Sarah’s love of horse-riding; and a £30 million villa in the Caribbean. As for the precise extent of their profits, last summer the Stoutes based their company offshore in Jersey, a tax haven. Filings at Companies House do not disclose revenue or profit.

The PPE Rich List: Covid firms unmasked | News | The Sunday Times (archive.vn)

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Friend of a friend was in manufacturing in the UK. He pivoted during covid, providing face masks and hand sanitizer.

He now lives in the Caribbean in absolute luxury, retired. Previously was struggling a bit in business.


Edit, holy ****, the article is the friend of a friend. I should have read it through thoroughly 

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